The Storekeeper

The Storekeeper

All manufacturing concerns appoint a person known as the Storekeeper, Chief Storekeeper or the Stores Superintendent who is in-charge of the stores department
and is responsible for stores control. The storekeeper should have technical knowledge and wide experience in stores
routine and ability of organising the operations of the stores.

He should be a man of undoubted integrity. His duties and responsibilities include the following:

1. Receiving the stores correctly i.e. ensuring that every item of stores received by the storekeeper is duly supported by an indent, a purchase order, an inspection note and a goods received note.

2. Entering all receipts regularly in the bin cards.

3. Keeping every item of stores in its allotted bin. The principle of good storekeeping is -A place for everything and everything in its place.

4.Maintaining the stores in an orderly and tidy manner so as to facilitate easy handling and physical verification of stores and prevention of loss in storage.

5.Ensuring that materials are issued only to those who present a duly signed requisition note and that the quantities issued are correctly recorded in the bin cards.

6.Requisitioning from the purchasing department when the stock of a material reaches the re-order level.

7.Ensuring that the stocks do not exceed the maximum level nor go below the minimum level at any time.

7.Checking the balances of bin cards with the physical quantities in the bins.

8.Maintaining and supervising the duties of the different members of staff under his charge.

9.Preventing unauthorised persons from entering into the stores.

10. Carrying out a regular review of the items of stores in hand for locating slow-moving and non-moving items so that steps may be taken for their disposal before they become obsolete.

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